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We provide a full range of bathing solutions for our customers, including acrylic and steel baths, circular baths, freestanding bath, etc.

Steam Shower

This is one of the modern inclusions to a luxury bathroom. You can get the temperature of water that feels right for your body and relax your body completely under it.

Shower Cabin

These include body jets, which help to massage the body with different stimulating jets of water. This can alleviate your body pain.


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Shower cabin is a new trend in bathroom designs. Before installing shower cabin for your bathroom, you must consider some of the following things.

Step 1 – Bathroom space

Whether you want a walk in shower, wet room or shower enclosure depends on your bathroom space. Also consider whether it’s an en suite or you want it separate from the rest of the bathroom. This decision is important in choosing the right kind of shower enclosure.

Step 2 – Position of the shower cabin

You need to decide where you’ll place the shower cabin. Do you want it at the corner or in the center? You need to consider the type of shower tray and door.

Step 3 – Type of glass

You need to decide on the type of glass you are going to use for your shower cabin. A glass that is 8 mm or 10mm tempered is durable and safe. However, you can also use 4mm or 6mm glass. It is also easy to clean. Thicker glass will need more support. You need to have a protective framing surrounding the glass. Aluminum framing is mostly used.

Step 4 – Trays

Many shower cabins come with trays. If the tray is not included you need to buy one. You need to consider the size of the shower cabin when buying the tray as it should be proportionate to the size of the cabin.

Step 5 – Tiling

For installing shower cabin, you need to tile the interior walls of the shower area. Decide what kinds of tiles you want. You can use some designer tiles to add an extra appeal to the shower cabin area.

Step 6 – Steam shower cabin

If you are thinking of installing a steam shower cabin or enclosure, then there are many modern designs available with electronic control system, radio, LED lighting, etc. You can choose one that will give you the ultimate experience of showering!



Installing steam shower is a complex task. Before installing steam shower in your bathroom, you must consider a number of important things so that nothing goes wrong when installing this very expensive item in your bathroom.

You must enclose and insulate the steam shower. It can be made of marble or tile. A floor drain must be included. Enclosing it will isolate you from the rest of the bathroom space. Usually the equipment inside the steam shower area is steam protected. Enclosing the area will prevent anything from getting damaged due to steam. Insulation makes sure that heat doesn’t escape so that you can have a proper steam shower experience.

The windows on the steam shower area must be double-panes. This also acts as an insulator, trapping in heat.

The ceiling of the steam shower shouldn’t be more than 8 feet high; else more powerful steam generator will be required to produce steam. The more powerful the generator is the more expensive it is.

Include anti-skid slits on the steam shower floor making sure that no one skids while taking shower.

Have vapor-sealed lighting system on the area of your steam shower for safety.

The steam generator must be installed at least 60 feet away from the steam shower. It can be installed inside a cabinet or in the basement.

The steam head must be installed 6 to 12 inches from the floor. It must be at the wall opposite to where you will be sitting.

It is better to have the steam control inside the shower room. It must be placed 4 to 5 feet above from the floor so that it doesn’t come in contact with direct steam. Having the steam control inside is very convenient for the bather.

I hope you found these tips valuable. Here’s a quick video showing you exactly how to design a steam shower. Let us now if it helps you out!



As bathroom is one of the few places where you can be yourself and spend some quite time alone, you want it to feel like heaven. Our top trends do exactly that. With these bright ideas, you will undoubtedly have a beautiful bathroom which will make you proud.

Spa like spaces

Spas are a great place to relax and escape from our busy life. But you can easily turn your bathroom into a spa. These include saunas, steam showers, hot tubs, etc. This space will include all those massage oils, and ingredients that are required to pamper your body.

Open shower

As space that you can walk into and get huge splash of shower in your body is an amazing experience. Custom designs are also available.

Mosaic patters

Going bold is the trend. Be creative and use mosaic pattern tiles in your bathing area. This will definitely add an extra flair to your bathroom.

Natural materials

Natural materials like wood are timeless. You can add these in your bathroom as frames or borders to make your bathroom very different and classic. You can add these as ceiling beams. Other than wood, you can also use natural stones, slates, etc.

Use of copper

Use of copper is the trend now. You can use copper in ceiling, bathtub, etc. Copper looks very unique because of the color and texture.


All these trends are very modern. You need to sit with a professional and discuss whether these modern items can be fitted in your bathroom. Plan and decide before buying these expensive products. Many of these trends cannot be applied to every bathroom because of different size of bathrooms.

Get someone to inspect your bathroom first before you include these items in your bathroom.